Elijah Wood

Actor, Model
As a child star, Elijah Wood's gentle demeanor and expressive eyes made him eminently likable with audiences, but it was his innate talent which helped him to make the successful transformation from cute kid to ... Read more »
Born: 01/28/1981 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA


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The Long and Short of It 2002 (Movie)

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As a child star, Elijah Wood's gentle demeanor and expressive eyes made him eminently likable with audiences, but it was his innate talent which helped him to make the successful transformation from cute kid to respected adult actor. At age nine, Wood was already well on his way in Hollywood when director Barry Levinson gave him a prominent role in "Avalon" (1990). The young actor soon starred in a wide variety of projects, including "The Good Son" (1993), the Rob Reiner flop "North" (1994), the Ang Lee-directed drama "The Ice Storm" (1997), and the teen horror romp "The Faculty" (1998). It was, however, the announcement in 1999 that Wood had been cast in the leading role of Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson's massive "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy that would forever mark his still young career. Filmed over the course of an entire year in New Zealand, the "Rings" films were huge successes, both critically and commercially, propelling Wood into the strata of full-fledged movie star. After the final entry in the fantasy series had premiered, Wood kept up the momentum with roles in high-profile films like Robert Rodriguez's noir comic book adaptation "Sin City" (2005), more intimate projects like "The Romantics" (2010), and the bizarre TV comedy series "Wilfred" (FX, 2011- ). The opportunities continued to be vast and varied for Wood, a talented performer who, while proving his versatility as an actor, would be forever remembered for his moving portrayal of the brave hobbit, Frodo.


Bijou Phillips Actor

Briefly dated No longer together

Franka Potente Actor

Co-starred in "Try Seventeen/All I Want" (2002)

Pamela Racine Actor

Met on the set of "Everything Is Illuminated" (2005) Split September 2010

Hannah Wood Actor

Born Oct. 7, 1983

Warren Wood

Remained in Iowa when family moved to L.A. for Elijah's career Divorced from Debbie Wood c. 1997

Debbie Wood

Roman Catholic; moved from Iowa with children to L.A. to aid in Elijah's career Divorced from Warren Wood c. 1997

Zachariah Wood

Born c. 1974



Returned to Middle Earth as Frodo in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," based on the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien and directed by Peter Jackson


Cast as a man who forms a unique relationship with his neighbor’s dog on the FX series "Wilfred"


Reprised voiceover role in the animated sequel "Happy Feet Two"


Lent his voice to the feature-length adaptation of Shane Acker's short film "9"


Co-starred with Chris Klein and Jon Bernthal in "Day Zero"


Cast in Emilio Estevez's directorial debut "Bobby," an ensemble centered around the night of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination


Voice the main character Mumble in the animated film "Happy Feet"


Starred in Liev Schreiber's directing debut "Everything Is Illuminated," as a young American in search of the woman who saved his Jewish grandfather during the Nazi invasion in Ukraine


Co-starred in the film adaptation of Frank Miller's uber-noir series of graphic novels "Sin City"; co-directed by Miller and Robert Rodriguez


Played a journalist turned thug in "Green Street Hooligans," a film about the violent gangs associated with England's soccer teams


Co-starred with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in Michel Gondry's "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"; written by Charlie Kaufman


Again played Frodo in the final installment of Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"


Reprised role of Frodo Baggins for "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"


Played the younger brother of Edward Burns' character in Burns' "Ash Wednesday"


Acted in "Life Without Dick"; aired on on Encore in lieu of theatrical release


Portrayed Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson's film version of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"


Played the boyfriend of a wannabe hip-hop groupie in James Toback's "Black and White"


Co-starred in the surprise blockbuster "Deep Impact" and the Robert Rodriquez thriller "The Faculty"


Portrayed the Artful Dodger (complete with Cockney accent) in the ABC movie presentation of "Oliver Twist"


Won praise for his performance as the older son of Jamey Sheridan and Sigourney Weaver in Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm"


Played the lead role in "Flipper"


Played Kevin Costner's son in "War"


Played the title role in Rob Reiner's comedy "North"


Played the lead role in "The Adventures of Huck Finn"


Co-starred with Mel Gibson and Jamie Lee Curtis in "Forever Young"


Co-starred with Joseph Mazzello in "Radio Flyer"


First starring role, "Paradise," in which he played a young boy who brings estranged couple Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson back together


First significant role, playing Aidan Quinn's son in Barry Levinson's "Avalon"


Moved to Los Angeles with his family


First break was a small role in Paula Abdul's music video for "Forever Your Girl"; directed by David Fincher


Made feature debut in "Back to the Future II"


Mother enrolled him in modeling school

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His official website was found at www.elijahwood.com.


"Acting, if you have the right idea about the whole situation can help you grow as a person. I've become smarter as a person. I've had a better education – with tutors. In a way, it can be a very positive thing." – Wood quoted in USA Today, Nov. 4, 1994


"He's the first child actor I've worked with that I think is really an actor, he's not tied to his cuteness." – director Jon Avnet on working with Wood, quoted in Entertainment Weekly, Nov. 25, 1994


"As interesting as the project seemed, I was really scared because it was so far away from anything I'd done. Then I came to the conclusion that if you're ever fearful of taking a step forward to a place that could be better for you, you should always take it, because that's the only way you'll ever grow. So despite how afraid I was, I made the decision to continue." – Wood to Brooke Shields, talking about their film "Black and White" in Interview magazine, October 1999


"I'm done with Frodo, which is kind of amazing. It's sad in one respect because it's been such an incredible journey, and I think some of us felt like it would never end – in a good way. But it's nice to have a sense of completion, particularly with this last movie, which I think we're all the most proud of." – Wood on completing "The Lord of the Rings" to Nylon magazine, December 2003


"My philosophy has always been to try to put myself into roles and films that are different. That intensified after 'Lord of the Rings' because it was so massive, but it's something I've always believed in, wanting to change people's perceptions and challenge myself as an actor." – Wood quoted to Entertainment Weekly, Sept. 6, 2005


"I don't know that I necessarily feel more comfortable in the context of smaller films, but I tend to feel more comfortable more often than not with the material of smaller films." – Wood to CNN.com, Sept. 20, 2005