Kathleen Turner

Actor, Waitress
A leading lady of 1980s cinema, Kathleen Turner earned comparisons to 1940s femme fatales like Barbara Stanwyck for sensuous, aggressive roles in "Body Heat" (1981), "Prizzi's Honor" (1985) and "The War of the Roses" ... Read more »
Born: 06/18/1954 in Springfield, Missouri, USA


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The Doctors 1962 - 1983 (TV Show)


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A leading lady of 1980s cinema, Kathleen Turner earned comparisons to 1940s femme fatales like Barbara Stanwyck for sensuous, aggressive roles in "Body Heat" (1981), "Prizzi's Honor" (1985) and "The War of the Roses" (1989). When the smoky-voiced actress was not manipulating male characters with her on-screen sultry ways, she proved to be quite a comedienne, as well, volleying quips with Michael Douglas in the jungle adventure film "Romancing the Stone" (1984) and inhabiting an 18-year-old body in "Peggy Sue Got Married" (1986). She received a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in the early 1990s, and that - along with the pained actress' heavy drinking and over-40 status - meant her screen appearances were reduced to character roles as moms and comic villains - something she still pulled off with panache. After acclaimed theatrical runs in "The Graduate" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" on the New York and London stages, the fiery actress regained her esteemed reputation and settled into a comfortable real-life role as a supporting film player, theater director and acting teacher.


David Guc Special Thanks

Together from 1977-1982

Allen Turner

Raied in China Imprisoned by Japanese for four years during WWII Died of cancer c. 1971

Patsy Turner

Worked for the UN in China

Rachel Weiss Special Thanks

Born Oct. 14, 1987; father, Jay Weiss; released an album in 2012 titled Dear Love

Jay Weiss

Married Aug. 4, 1984 Divorced in December 2007


University of Maryland

College Park , Maryland 1977

Central School of Speech and Drama

London , England

Attended grade school in Cuba

Southwest Missouri State University

Springfield , Missouri 1972
Classmates included Tess Harper and John Goodman; transferred after two years

Attended middle school in Caracas, Venezuala



Cast in the role of Sister Jamison Connelly in Matthew Lombardo’s drama "High" at Hartford TheaterWorks; production transferred to Broadway in 2011


Joined the cast of Showtime's "Californication" as Charlie Runkle's (Evan Handler) sexually hyperactive boss


Stage-directing debut, "Crimes Of The Heart" at the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts; moved to off-Broadway in 2008


Voiced a creepy-looking house in the animated feature "Monster House"


Returned to Broadway to star as Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"; earned a Tony nomination for her role


Portrayed the stern and dowdy mother of five daughters in "The Virgin Suicides"; directed by Sofia Coppola


Returned to London, making her West End debut as Mrs. Robinson in a stage version of "The Graduate"; reprised role in Broadway production in 2002


Played the comic villain in "Baby Geniuses"


Appeared as TV anchorwoman Brenda Whitlass in TNT's satirical "Legalese"


Made London stage debut in "Our Betters"


Had supporting role in "Moonlight Over Valentino"


Co-starred in the Broadway production of "Indiscretions"; was only cast member of five not nominated for a Tony Award


Made TV-movie debut in "Friends at Last" (CBS)


Directorial debut with the 30-minute Showtime film "Leslie's Folly" (for the series "Directed By")


Played the title role in John Waters' "Serial Mom"


Portrayed the title role of private investigator "V.I. Warshawski"


Returned to the Broadway stage as Maggie in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"; received a Best Actress Tony nomination; also hosted the annual telecast of the Tony Awards


Third film with Douglas and DeVito, the black comedy "The War of the Roses"; helmed by DeVito


Re-teamed with Hurt and Kasdan for "The Accidental Tourist"


Provided the voice of Jessica Rabbit for the animated feature comedy, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"; later voiced Jessica in the animated shorts "Tummy Trouble" (1989), "Rollercoaster Rabbit" (1990) and "Trail Mix-Up" (1993)


Narrated the documentary compilation, "Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam"


Returned to the theater in title role of "Camille" at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, Connecticut


Earned Best Actress Oscar nomination playing a middle-aged woman who finds herself reliving her teenage years in "Peggy Sue Got Married"; helmed by Francis Ford Coppola


Played hit-woman to Jack Nicholson's hit-man in John Huston's "Prizzi's Honor"


Re-teamed with Douglas and DeVito to reprise Joan Wilder in the sequel "The Jewel of the Nile"


First role opposite Michael Douglas, "Romancing the Stone" as fiction writer Joan Wilder; also first film with Danny DeVito


Portrayed a business woman turned prostitute in Ken Russell's "Crimes of Passion"


Acted opposite Steve Martin in the comedy "The Man with Two Brains"


Had breakthrough screen role as Matty Walker opposite William Hurt in her debut feature, Lawrence Kasdan's "Body Heat"


Broadway debut in "Gemini"


Moved to NYC; within a month landed an agent; within four months had a part in an Off-Broadway play, "Mr T"


TV debut on the NBC soap opera "The Doctors" as Nola Dancy Aldrich, a poor girl who married well

After father's death, settled in Missouri with mother and siblings

Lived with her foreign-diplomat father and family in Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, England and Washington, DC before age of 17

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"I average about seven stitches a film now. I do almost all my own stunts, and I love it, the thrill and the physicality. But I got scared doing the chandalier stunt in 'The War of the Roses,' I really did. I was surprised, and Michael [Douglas] said to me, 'Is this the first stunt since [the birth of daughter] Rachel?' And I said yeah. I was never scared before. I think before you have kids you really have this feeling that you'll never die, and then after you're so afraid that something might happen to the kid, I think in a way you realize you could die, too." - Kathleen Turner to Premiere, August 1991


"The body of work that one has built, and I think mine is impressive, is not considered as important a factor as appearance. So I don't know if you lose the edge at 40, but you certainly don't gain weight for a character the way a man does." - Turner quoted in The New York Times, April 10, 1994


"'Crimes of Passion,' which is one of the best films I've done, will live strongly in my resume, even though it didn't do well. If my ego was out of whack and I believed that I could carry anything off, that would be a stupid risk. But so far there's been no reason not to try anything." - Turner in Interview magazine, August 1995


"I'm not a naturalistic actor. I believe acting is a planned process of communication. I don't see anything naturalistic about it." - Turner in USAToday, May 3, 1995


In 1992, Turner was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.


"I've been fighting rheumatod arthritis, and I'm winning. I was seriously crippled and taking all these medications and steroids for years. The FDA finally approved these new drugs that are targeted specifically for inflammation of the joints, and they're heaven because they don't have any side effects. Before, I had a lot of bloating, anger, depression. Steroids are really heavy-duty stuff, so it was pretty rough there for a few years. Now I'm almost pain-free." - Turner to People magazine, Feb. 14, 2000


"I never wanted to be that accessible. I always felt, if they want me for a part they can either fly me over there of they can come here. At least that meant you actually stood a chance of getting the role rather than just being seen for the hell of it." - Turner on living in New York instead of California, quoted in Daily Telegraph, March 15, 2000


"I made sure, in my early twenties, even before I was successful with 'Body Heat', that I would not date actors because I know how selfish we all are. During a shoot I always found a member of the crew was a better bet. I found lighting technicians were usually accessible. No, seriously, sometimes when I've finished acting for the day I'm so hyped up by it, I feel like I'm living through every part of my body, and then, when I was single, I would have a brief liason. That's how I dealt with it."She did find a husband [realtor Jay Weiss] who could be 'Mr. Turner' and deal with it and the Hollywood stuff: "He [Weiss] puts on his Mr Turner hat and smiles, and stays by my side, and says to me, 'Keep moving, keep moving,' and that's what I need because when I'm out being Kathleen Turner Hollywood Star I get mobbed." - Turner to the Daily Telegraph, March 15, 2000


On the relationship between frequent co-star and friend Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones: "They seem very happy, which is great because, frankly, I never saw him talk with his ex-wife, let alone laugh." - Turner to London's Evening Standard, March 8, 2000


"She is formidable, she's scary. I wouldn't cross her. But she only explodes when needs be. She is an absolute craftsman. She works it to the bone. A week before we were to go on, she was still working through scenes again and again. I loved that about her. At that age, she still gives a f**k and really wants to nail it." - "The Graduate" co-star Matthew Rhys on Turner from The Sunday Independent, April 1, 2001