Finally! Anna Faris Coming to TV in New Chuck Lorre CBS Comedy, ‘Mom’

Anna FarisAnna Faris has been one of the funniest comedians of the past decade. Period. She’s anchored outrageous farces from Scary Movie and The House Bunny to Observe and Report, and even turned in an acidly perceptive performance in Lost in Translation. So it’s surprising that Faris has never starred in a TV comedy.

Sitcom impresario Chuck Lorre is about to change that. He’s just cast Faris in the lead role of Mom, a spec-script comedy he developed with two writers from his show Two and a Half Men and for which CBS has just ordered a pilot. If the network adds it to its fall schedule, it’ll be the fourth series Lorre has on air, after Men, Mike & Molly, and The Big Bang Theory.

In Mom, Faris will play a newly sober single-mom living in Napa Valley who’s trying to get her life in order. She’d previously had multi-ep arcs on shows like Entourage and Friends, where she was the birth mother of the twins Chandler and Monica adopt, but never snagged a starring role until now.

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